Welcome to the website of one of Canada's foremost breeders of Siberian Forest cats..

At Siberanforestcats.ca you can rest assured you will be getting the finest and healthiest kittens avail. With all our boys and girls coming directly from Russia being born of Russian show champions. All of our foundations cats have been tested for FIV, FELV PKD and HCM. We specialize in only traditional Siberian Forest Cats and do not introduce neva masqaurade or colour point into our lines. As part of our family, including children and a dog, our kittens leave us completely socialized and ready for their loving new homes.

We are currently living just east of Toronto in the Beautiful City of Trenton, Ontario.  As a breeder we believe in allowing people to come see the

hypoallergenic cats / kittens in their home and make it policy to update the adopting parents of updates of the development of their new kittens via emailing pictures. Our cats temperment along with their loving playful nature makes them a joy for any household.

​We are a small boutique breeder so we choose to carry a minimum amount of females for the health and safety of our moms and kittens.  ​​This is done to avoid the inherent health risks that could arise from having too many cats in one household. Studies have shown the larger the cattery the greater the perpensity of Feline Infectious Peritinits (FIP) for this reason, I tell people in my opinion it is best to stay away from catteries with more than 4 females and or males on site.

​Our cats are kept indoors, free to roam the entire house and are only crated for travelling. A visit to our home is always welcome.  

At Siberianforestcats.ca, our mission is very simple. We provide people who want a cat but could never have one their dream come true. Our objective is to match truly amazing and very healthy Siberian Forest cat with families that can provide a great home. That being said. Not everyone can have a Siberian Forest cat. Being hypo allergenic does not mean non allergenic. On very rare occasions we have come across someone who had a reaction to Siberians as well. This is the reason we offer at open houses, to give people the option of interacting with the cats to gauge any sort of reaction.

From the point of contact right up til the kitten is in your home, South Simcoe is here to help you every step of the way with any questions you may have. Our availability to you does not stop after the purchase, we are here for the life of the cat.  We will arrange for home visits around your and our schedule if need be so you can see your kittens progress as well as it's interaction with other kittens.  

All our breeding cats are vet checked every 6 months to ensure their health and happiness. This ensures that the cat you purchase is going to be happy and healthy as well. 

Unfortunately at times you will find a breeder that feels her/his business model is best maximized by

slandering other breeders to try to scare customers their way. We, for obvious reasons, find this very unethical and would like to apologize for these breeders for putting you through that. Hopefully the actions of a few don't tarnish your image of the rest. 

Like I said before this is about putting a healthy kitten with a loving family in need. Politics has no

place here.  On behalf of myself and all the other breeders that operate within the same guidelines, we wish you the best in your search, wherever that brings you.

Canadian Cat Association Reg # 5541

Our next open house will be happening soon. Please keep an eye out for further information.

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