This big love bug came to us via one of the most reputable breeders in Russia.  The son of parents who were both grand Champions.  We can expect Tor to carry on his strong bloodlines.  As a big boy, we should see some very large and robust offspring.

This simply amazing cat has shown herself to be a real character and has added loads of laughter to our household. We can't wait to see what her kittens look like. Although, we expect nothing but spectacular from this daughter of a Russian Grand Champion.


At South Simcoe Siberians our cats are imported directly from Russia.  We only deal with the best that Russia has to offer and do and exhaustive background searches to guarantee that our cats are free from genetic disease or defect. This ensures that as a customer, you get nothing from the best from us.  At South Simcoe Siberians we believe that you deserve the best cat just as much as our cats deserve the best homes.

Lily, a descendant of many Russian Grand Champions, has established herself to be a very strong and  affectionate mother. A very loyal and trusted cat that 

gives us simply gorgeous kittens. A very welcomed addition to the South Simcoe Siberian family 


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Rose  Talan Manchzhury


The ever so intriguing Rose "aka Jessie" came at the same time as her half sister Kiera.  Also the daughter of a Russian Grand Champion. We can expect her kittens to will be a match to the Tica, CFA and CCA breed standards.