​​​We take our adoption procedures very seriously. As such we will not gives our kittens to just anyone. Once you have emailed a request to adopt. We will forward you an application to fill out and return. After qualifying you as a good match for our kitten, you will be given the choice to put a deposit on a kitten to get yourself on the waiting list. I do appreciate that some people will choose their rights not to fill out an applications. When that is done by a perspective client, I will choose to use my rights not to sell you a kitten. After all this is as much about the health and safety of my kitten as it is about selling you a healthy cat.

We will only be reserving 4 kittens per litter. Any extra kittens will be made available firstly to those in the waiting list then to others looking to adopt but not choosing to put a deposit down first.

As an adoptive parent, you will have choice of which female you would prefer to have the kitten from and the sex of the kitten.

Keep in mind if 3 adoptive parents want a female and only 2 are born then the third parent will be given a choice to take a male or wait for another litter.

​​Our Policies

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At South Simcoe Siberians our goals are very simple. We look to provide people who have never had the option of having a cat the ability to have one.

We maintain the health and livelihood of our foundation cats as if they are our children. For the sake and well being of the kittens, we will not release them to the adoptive family until they are ready to go and their mom has weened them off. It is during that time that mommy teaches her babies how to be good kittens and they lose certain kittens tendencies naturally making them a better pet/family member for you. Our cats live in our house, free to roam. Unlike many catteries, our kittens are never caged  in the home. The only time our cats are ever caged is for the 

purpose of travel

 We prefer that the kittens be picked up where possible but if that is not an option there are other methods of transportation that can be arranged from personal delivery or transport by air (at adoptive parents’ expense)

 For people looking to explore if a Siberian is right for them, and are not able to come meet our cats in person for a small fee we will send you a fur sample that you can use for the purpose of gauging your reaction to the Siberian fur/saliva.

Our goal is to make sure that not only is the kitten a good fit for you but you are a good fit for the kitten.

 As stated previously, we are a breeder of only traditional lines. Therefore, we do not carry color point or Neva masquerade. We believe in staying true to the lines that this beautiful came from.

When kittens are available we will schedule open houses on a given weekend for a couple of hours with limited access to the kittens for their health and safety.

We consider ourselves a small boutique cattery.  As you can see with some catteries there are several  cats (some having upwards of 5-6 females and a male or two) residing in one house... Not only is this illegal by every bylaw standard, there is also inherent health risks not only to the cats/kittens but to the humans as well. Our goal is to produce the happiest healthiest kittens for you and your family.  As an addition to your home, you need to make sure your getting the best.