Hi Leo: 

I thought I'd send you a quick note to update on Max and Mia and send a couple of Pictures.

As you can see they are best buddies. They have settled in very well and have made themselves at home. We are thrilled to have them as part of our family. True to the words of your website, they tuck us in at night the Siberian way and greet us with cuddles every morning. I have had cats in the past but never any as social and loving as these ones.  They really love to be around people and they are friendly to anyone who visits which in my opinion is not typical of any other breeds. They are also very independent at the same time and we are happy they have each other for their daily adventures and long naps.

They have distinct personalities. Mia is more playful and hyper but very affectionate. Max is like a gentle teddy bear with these big, soft paws. Both are great with our daughter Isabella. We can't imagine what we would ever do without them

Thanks again for these wonderful fur balls!

L. Beesley

Hello Leo,
We just wanted to say thank you for raising such a lovely cat. Whisky is affectionate, playful and loves to follow us around the house. We couldn't be happier! Hope all is well with you!
Looking forward to seeing pictures of the new litter on your website.

                                                                                       Lisa, Burlington, ON

Hi Leo,
As you know, today is Kallie's 1st Birthday and we wanted to share a Birthday Photo with You :) 
She is growing like crazy and is a little puff of fur. She has the sweetest personality. She follows us everywhere, she never hides! She likes to be where the action is, even when we have company she always hangs out with everyone. She sleeps at the foot of our bed every night.  She has her favorite blanket that she kneads and purrs on. Her favorite toy is a stuffed taco and she loves sitting in the window.  She is a well behaved kitty and we have had zero problems with her :) 
Thank you for connecting us with her ... we are forever grateful for our little Kallie  [💖]
The Maxwell Family 

Good morning Leo. I hope you are doing well. Kyle is such a great little kitten. He’s such an awesome addition to our family. He’s still pretty wacky at times, but isn’t quite as nuts as he was when he was a little younger. He’s super cuddly and friendly. I attached a pic of him at the bathroom tap. When we wake up in the morning he rushes to the bathroom hoping we’ll start running the tap for him to have a drink. Then, pretty much any time he hears water anywhere during the day he wants to be right there getting a drink from the tap, whether it’s the kitchen or bathroom. I also attached a pic of my younger son Logan holding him, he’s totally fine with being carried around all over the place.
Ryan M.

Today my little girl Charlie is a year old.  She is a beautiful addition to our family.  She is spunky, silly, affectionate and brings joy to all around her.  You said on your website that they are a part of the family, and not just pets.  That is so true.  I cannot thank you enough for our sweet girl.

                                                                                                                                                          Anna-Lis Cram, Denver CO adoption adopt a pet testimonials

Hi Leo,
Oliver is 100% the best cat ever!!
He has quite the personality. We love playing with him and watching him play. He has bonded with Quinn and follows her everywhere and sleeps at the end of her bed all night long. She can carry him around any which way and can pet him whenever she wants. He is honing his ability to jump higher each day. Very curious too. He is definitely growing! I am surprised he still let's us carry him belly up to pet him.

                                                                                         Terra,  Coldwater, On.

Big thank you to South Simcoe Siberian’s for making our dream of owning a cat come true! Our Kitten has completed our family and we couldn’t be more in Love. We never thought it would be possible due to severe allergies but since bringing her home we have had zero reaction. South Simcoe Siberian’s were Professional and Supportive right from day one. All bases were covered and they provided us with a well adjusted, trained, perfectly healthy and not to mention stunningly beautiful kitten. We couldn’t be happier with our choice of using South Simcoe Siberian’s as our breeder. They provided us with all the necessary information to make the transition to being new cat owners easy and carefree. Thank you! We love our Curious and Cuddly Bundle of Joy. 
                                                                                                              The Maxwell Family, Ontario 

Thanks guys. My son is in his glories with our new cat. And we are happy that his asthma hasn't acted up once. They are a match made in heaven and the cat won't leave him alone. Very cute...    thanks again. 

                                                                                                                                             Maureen,  Mississauga Ont

Hi Leo
Just an update.  Lilah is doing fabulous.  She’s such a wonderful addition to our family. She is very social with all our guests and our sons cat. They are best friends!!
She loves to be cuddled and is very very affectionate.  She had her first vet visit a few weeks ago for vaccines and check up and he gave her a clean bill of health. She let him examine her and didn’t even try to escape. The staff was very impressed!!  
Just wondering how I can leave a testimonial on your web site. I want others to know what a beautiful kitten we got from your cattery.  We are strongly considering applying for another one when she’s a bit older.  Hope all is well with you and once again thank you!
K & N Nadeau


​What our clients have to say

Misha has settled in very quickly. Mika has taken a little longer but she now comes to me for petting. They both play hard and sleep hard. They love watching the birds and squirrels from the screened in balconies. Misha has decided that the water bowl is a new play thing and she splashes in the water with her paw until there is no water left in the bowl. As you can probably tell, we are thoroughly enjoying them. Tom has no allergic reaction at all which is an enormous blessing.
Thank you again for everything.  We received the card and the adoption certificates. Lovely
                                                                       Cathy, New Lowell, On.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Siberian Forest Cats and Siberian Kittens testimonials

Love my little Tinker. I want to thank Leo. Super awesome guy. Very understandable. Worked with me all way through the adoption/purchase. I look forward to many happy years with my  new kitten. You have a lifetime customer. Thanks again and I will spread the word on your cattery.

                                                                                                                                             Helena  Gander Newfoundland

My experience with Leo was amazing from day one. He didn’t mind my husband and me dropping by on less than 24 hours’ notice. His cats and kittens looked healthy, happy, not cramped with cats and kittens, enjoying a Huge space at his house.  Leo is a wonderful person; he lives up to his word, at all levels.
He offered help when I asked him about Mishka’s food, litter, adaptation, treats, and all kinds of silly questions that I asked, and that he’s patiently and pleasantly answered.

I’m so happy and lucky I came across his web page at the CCA (Canadian Cat Association). It was a professional, yet, enjoyable experience.  Mishka is an adorable kitten, with a distinctive character and sheer beauty. She was a good girl from the day we brought her in. She needed as little as 6 hours to adapt (coming out of her hiding place, play, and be around us). I never had any incident with her using the litter box, and she wasn’t picky at all about her food. She comes along everywhere in the apartment. It’s expected that Mishka would be sitting at the kitchen or washroom counters, near the sink, exploring, watching what I’m doing, or seeking for the faucet to drink water. She hops in after I use the shower, and starts chasing the water pockets underneath our bath mat. It’s hilarious!  Every morning, the second my feet hit the ground she is there, near my bed, waiting for me to wake up to greet me. And I mean vocal greeting (something like weet weet); this makes my day, every day! I couldn’t be happier with my lovely Mishka; she is a great, awesome kitten. 

H Karim

I had been looking at several catteries before I stumbled on South Simcoe Siberians. I am glad I did my homework and spent some time. It is a pleasure to deal with people who are truly concerned about the welfare of their kittens.  Max has become a very loved member of our family who brings us hours of joy. I was not too concerned about the hypo allergenic thing but have found that siberians are truly a great cat with awesome personality... Max has proven that to be true.

                                                                                                                                      Kimberly Williams, North Bay Ontario

Hey Leo,
I just wanted to let you know that its been a year since I've had Luna and its been amazing! Right from the first day she was a confident kitty and didn't do any hiding when she came home, she also took to her litter box right away and enjoyed meeting all her new family members. To this day she has never had an accident and she has a clean bill of health.

She is a very social cat and cuddles with anyone she meets and she sleeps at the end of my bed every night. I have pet allergies and never had a reaction to her fur, which most people are amazed that I can have an adorable fluffy cat without any allergy problems.
I wanted to thank you for giving me the most lovable kitty ever and would definitely recommend getting an amazing cat from South Simcoe Siberians.

K Arsenault

What a little treasure she is!!!  She is sooo loving and affectionate.  We were excited to have her last night and played with her till 2am and then we went to bed and she went to bed with me and stayed in bed with me will all night, followed me to the bathroom and back to the bed.  I massaged her face like I would do with Fluffy and she went out like a light.  We slept with the TV on all night so I could see her so when she woke up she would meow and I would wake up and then massage her face again and off to sleep again.    She gave me kisses on the check and will come in my lap and purr purr purr (her motor will soon be worn out).  She is adjusting much better than I though she would, she follows us around, and jumps on the couch with us, we say jump and she jumps up.  She is have a ball with all her new toys we bought and play with her.  I know they all say they are happy with their choice but I have to tell you we more happy with our choice than all your previous owners combined.  She has warmed our hearts so much. FYI - she cracks me up when we turn on the tap in the vanity sink she comes running to jump up on the toilet (cause we keep the cover down so she won't play with the water in the toilet) and then wants to get to the sink I can't thank you enough, she is the best prescription we could have.   Here is a picture of her laying on the floor by one of her toys.  She is something like our Fluffy in the belly color wise.  Love the black paw bottoms, Mom really loves them.  She has the sweetest little low meow.   We are in Love! with her!  
Thank you!

I trust you are well.  Arven is doing really well, every day it seems he does something new, in terms of interacting with us.  He spends most of his day right with at least one of us.  On Saturday we had 12 at dinner, he didn't hide (which I kind of expected), in fact he was present and interacting with us most of the evening.  We are delighted with him.

Doug B.